You’ve already got your website ready to go, you’ve created content, and you’re working all the angles you can think of. Nevertheless, you may still be missing out on getting causes your moving company business.

There are a few ‘extra’ ideas you can try that are excellent lead generators. And you’ll realize that they are perfect additions to your existing marketing strategy.

But a quick tip before we dive in…

Be sure to know your numbers
It is important to know how much you spend in order to acquire or keep customers, as well as whether your advertising is well targeted. If you opt to run advertisements which include UGC for example and choose Google Ads and Facebook as the platforms that you will use to run these ads, you should be able to track how much you dedicate to each platform and ad and see which is getting a higher Profits on return(ROI).

This way, you will be able to make the necessary changes and do away with whatever does not work. You might take off from your budget what is not working and add the excess from what is.

If you do not know how to interpret the data you get from your ads, you can work with a professional or someone from your marketing team. You need to know whether you reach the right audience, location and whether the ad copy communicated the intended message.

With that being said, here are a few tips on getting more leads.

Generate qualified leads with Best Moving Leads Providers
How do you make certain you have customers working with you whenever they need to move? Better still, new customers who choose you when looking for moving companies?

Lead magnets
You can work with people in related niches give something with their clients in return for customer information. You can have businesses in related niches give moving guides to their customers, in trade with regards to contact information on referral cards. That way, you can follow-up with them directly. Be aware about personal information, though. Within the wake of discussions around data privacy, you must have clients sign that they have given consent with regard to their private information to be collected and used.

For more content marketing ideas, check out our tips how movers can use content marketing.

Referral marketing
Referral marketing can be a smashing hit for you, particularly because a lot of your business probably already generates from recommendations.

Happy customers will tell other folks about the excellent experience they had with your moving company. Unhappy customers will too. You need to strive to create more happy customers. How do you go about this?

Be on time
Go the extra mile (deliver more that is expected)
Train and ensure that your team cleans up following the job is finished
Listen to your customers, if they are happy or complaining
Use referral programs or pages
Referral programs
Sometimes, depending on your financial budget, your referral program may be just one single page on your site to have set aside for customers to refer other people. Remember to reward the clients who go out of the way to refer others. It could be a discount on the sendred friend’s move for example and a commission for the referrer.

You need to work with your team to promote your referral program. For instance, when serving or communicating with clients, they can mention they can get rewards for applying on your referral program and then for referring others.

It could help to work with other businesses in related niches like real estate and mortgages. You may keep these things refer clients who need moving services and provide them with a commission in exchange.
Best practices for referral marketing
Exceptional customer service
Your customers will refer your moving business predicated on the service they received, and exactly how they felt as customers after dealing with your brand. Areas of great customer service include arriving punctually, doing more than customers expect you to, ensuring clear and concise information, and clearing up.

Encourage customers to refer others
One way to do this is to ensure that your referral program is easy to work with and understand. One of the companies that people have viewed above even goes out of their way to tell their clients how they can get referrals – by sharing on social media. You can provide more incentives for customers who share their activities with others on social platforms, or write reviews. A good example of a motivation here would be moving boxes.

Request for referrals
If you do not ask for referrals, then your customers might not exactly actually provide them with. You must ask your customers for recommendations either via social media, signing up to your referral program, or just by word of mouth marketing. Learn getting more customer referrals.

Work with influencers
You can identify influencers in where you live. You are able to approach them and ask if you could help them with a move around in exchange for a referral. When possible, get a video referral from them. That one may be a little tricky, but you may get lucky and move one very popular blogger who you can ask to create content about their move.

A celebrity or blogger may be willing to journal their encounter. For instance, you could use blogging in your marketing strategy which could pave the way for influencers.